* Outward Bound Scholarships

>>>  Applications for 2022 are now closed  <<<

We're thrilled to partner with Methven Caroma to offer 10 MASTERLINK APPRENTICES the opportunity to join other construction industry trainees on a fully funded 16-day Young Leader Outward Bound course!

  • Our scholarships are worth more than $3,500 per person
  • Travel to and from the top of the South Island will be subsidised (up to $500)
  • We will pay our apprentices' wages for each 8-hour working day spent on the course. 

The 2022 Outward Bound BETA course will be held from 5-20 July.

TEN scholarships have been awarded to the following Masterlink apprentices:  

  • Emma Fane de Salis
  • Brendan Wood
  • Maria Contreras Huerta
  • Basil Carpenter
  • Teigan Jopson
  • Bayley Wilkie
  • Troy Haronga
  • Nathan Smith
  • Sebastian Sekene
  • Thomas Gadsbey

Congratulations! We look forward to catching up with you all later this year to hear about your experiences!

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 Our partner  

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Methven Caroma is an innovative company always seeking new ways to support the plumbing industry now and into the future. They are investing in Outward Bound Scholarships to strengthen our industry by nurturing great young leaders amongst Masterlink's plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying apprentices.

How to apply

Applications for the 2023 Masterlink Outward Bound Scholarships will open in February 2023.

We encourage unsuccessful 2022 applicants to apply again next year if you still meet the entry criteria. There is no limit on the amount of times you can apply!

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One of NZ's most well-known and respected organisations, Outward Bound has been providing New Zealanders with life-changing courses since 1962. Activities on this course are designed to develop confidence and self-awareness, grow teamwork and communication skills, and enhance leadership abilities.

Click here for videos! James Moore, 4th year Masterlink plumbing, gasfitting & drainlaying apprentice and his host, Mike Gooch of Glennies Plumbing in Wellington talk about the impact of the Outward Bound course, personally and professionally.

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"Challenges were presented without too much assistance from instructors, so we had to work as a team and figure it out. I've come away with so many lessons which I think I'll continue to look back on for years to come. I'm a better communicator and I think a better person."

James Moore, 2021 Outward Bound Scholarship participant

"I'm a much better person. More communicative. Much more confident and now know what I want to achieve in life. I have a clear direction of what I want to do."

Quintin Trott, 2020 Outward Bound Scholarship participant

"It pushes you - challenges and mental strength wise. It was physically demanding. Everyone had a turn at leadership which was good. I'm able to extend myself and am more confident."

Wade Williams, 2019 Outward Bound Scholarship participant

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2021 Outward Bound Experience - Masterlink apprentice, James Moore

2021 Outward Bound Experience - Masterlink host, Mike Gooch