How it works

It's a smart move to take on an apprentice!

Businesses are struggling to hire qualified tradespeople. And it's been that way for a while. Why? Why aren't more plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers available?

The main reason is that too few companies have trained apprentices in the last 20 years.

Every qualified tradesperson was once an apprentice learning the trade from a professional.

Pass those skills on to the next generation, grow your team and set your business up for future success!

Current government funding is supporting employers to pay apprentices in the first two years of their apprenticeship.

Masterlink has top quality candidates pre-tested, screened, ready and waiting to start work.

You can also take on your own candidate through Masterlink! We will put them through our screening process at no cost to you. Enjoy the benefits of being a Masterlink host with a Masterlink apprentice!

We will:

  • meet with you to gain an understanding of your business and your apprentice needs so we can find the best match and recommend vetted candidates
  • test, screen, recruit and manage your apprentice—taking the hassle out of your hands
  • stay in regular contact after sign-up to ensure everything is going well.
  • assist if changes in your business mean you can no longer train an apprentice. We will work to place your apprentice with a new host—all we ask from you is 15 working days' notice.
Why choose Masterlink?
Employer Funding
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We're here to help!

Start the conversation about taking on a Masterlink apprentice by completing our online host enquiry form or by reaching out to the Masterlink Team

Masterlink Apprentice Candidate Profiles

Click on a button to see candidates available in your area

Your best way to find out who is available for an apprenticeship in your area is to talk with your Regional Manager (RM).

You may click on your area and not see any profiles. This does not mean no one is available in your region. Apprentice candidates are often placed quickly and new applicants are constantly passing the Masterlink Recruitment process - and some are snapped up before profiles are sent out.

Discuss your business's requirements with your RM, and request that you are kept up to date with new candidates.