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Training into Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying

With our support, you could become a highly skilled and sought-after tradesperson, working in an industry with a secure future.

Apprenticeships are much more than a training course. Every qualified plumber, gasfitter or drainlayer has spent time studying (off-job) and learning (on-job) alongside professional tradespeople on real jobsites.

Our skilled trades offer a great variety of work. Apprentices work on small jobs, huge new projects, maintenance, residential or commercial sites. The range of things plumbers do is surprising and amazing!

New technologies mean plumbing isn't only about getting your hands dirty. And you need to be smart to be a great tradesperson.

This hands-on work is rewarding with lots of problem-solving and technical challenges. It is also future proof. People will always need plumbers and a trade qualification can lead to an amazing career on or off the tools. Many of our aprentices go on to start their own businesses or become partners in a company.

Check out this Career Description to find out more about career prospects, what you could earn, and entry requirements.

Why Choose a Masterlink Apprenticeship?

5 Good Reasons to Become a Masterlink Apprentice

Get started on your new career with Masterlink

1. Apply to Masterlink and start our recruitment process
2. Placement with a Masterlink host
3. Training on-job with your host + off-job with providers
4. Quarterly appraisals with your mentor
5. Gain your New Zealand Certificate(s)
6. Get licensed


The length of an apprenticeship depends on the combination of the trades being learned and the apprentice's attitude. Work hard and you could qualify more quickly!

All courses require on-job, in class, and online learning:

  • Plumbing, Gasfitting & Drainlaying can take up to 5 years
  • Plumbing & Drainlaying takes around 4 years
  • Drainlaying takes 2 years.

The more trades you have under the belt, the more sought-after you will be!


These are the Level 4 qualifications gained through a Masterlink apprenticeship:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Plumbing, Drainlaying & Gasfitting
  • New Zealand Certificate in Plumbing & Drainlaying
  • New Zealand Certificate in Drainlaying


From the far North to the far South, Masterlink host companies are based all over New Zealand.

Contact us to find out who is looking to take on an apprentice in your area.


Qualifications and skills

What are the entry requirements?

  • You are a NZ Permanent Resident or Citizen
  • You have a restricted driver licence as a minimum (manual vehicles)
  • You have proof of your commitment. This includes practical experience working on construction sites, outdoors or in the wider plumbing industry. If you are applying straight from school, Gateway or other Vocational Pathways Programme experience and/or relevant holiday jobs are important
  • You are able to demonstrate a good level of numeracy and literacy skills
  • If you’re under 20, some plumbing firms might also want to see your NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3 results (especially in English, Maths, Science, or Technology).


You need to be:

  • keen to learn new things and open to new experiences
  • motivated to succeed and committed to completing the apprenticeship
  • a hands-on, hard worker who loves problem-solving and thrives on variety
  • a great communicator with a good level of literacy and numeracy
  • fit to carry out physical work, sometimes in challenging environments
  • computer literate to complete online training.

Fees and Scholarships

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