Master Plumbers has successfully lobbied Te Pūkenga to ensure fair training fees for all apprentices. As a result, some changes have been made.

Here's what you need to know:

  • The temporary Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (free trades training), which the Government put in place to help Covid recovery, ends 31 December 2022.
  • Training fees were due to recommence on 1 January 2023 but, as a result of Master Plumbers' advocacy work, they will now commence on 1 February 2023.
  • Master Plumbers has also worked to ensure that apprentices whose block courses have been impacted by Covid restrictions and other delays, and as a result are now over the duration of the expected end date of their training programme, will not be charged further fees by Te Pūkenga in 2023.

Some apprentices will be eligible for the Government's Fees-Free scheme in 2023. Te Pūkenga will be in touch with these apprentices individually.

Read the training fees update from Te Pūkenga

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