Plumbing World Scholarship 2021 - Ollie Tabak

Friday 26th of March 2021
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Christchurch-based apprentice Oliver (Ollie) Tabak has won a Plumbing World Scholarship at the national 2021 New Zealand Plumbing Awards, held in Blenheim on Friday 26 March.

Ollie was just 19 when he started working at Clyne & Bennie as a Masterlink plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying apprentice in 2019. From day one, he has proved to be consistent, reliable and immensely enjoyable to work with. Ollie brings a positive attitude to all his jobs, which is reflected in the feedback received from staff, contractors and customers.

Over the past 12 months, he has been working on a large-scale project - the construction of a major new retirement village in the Nelson/Tasman region. He has excelled in his plumbing knowledge and assisted in the construction of a very complex plant room, which Ollie says is his proudest achievement so far.

Plant Room

His diligence, strong work ethic and workmanship made an instant good impression on Project Manager Richard Aitken of Telford Consulting, who went on to say, "Ollie is one of my go-to staff on site, no matter what the situation." Ollie has also contributed to the Health & Safety culture of the workplace.

Demonstrating great maturity in his willingness to learn and to help, Ollie listens and engages not only in the workplace but also outside of work. For this project, Ollie agreed to move to Nelson for a year to reside in a company house with other employees, leaving behind his family and friends in Christchurch.

"Clyne & Bennie are very lucky to have Ollie as part of our team," said Company Director James Cowles. "I'm sure in the future Ollie will become a great tradesman that our industry will be proud of."

Plumbing World Scholarships are awarded to Masterlink apprentices who have demonstrated diligence in their studies and a passion for the industry.

Oliver wins a trophy, a certificate and $1000 to spend at his local Plumbing World branch.

As the Overall Supreme Scholarship Winner, Oliver was also awarded full registration for the 2021 NZ Plumbing Conference, including travel and accommodation, plus a complimentary ticket to the awards.

NZ Plumbing Awards 73 edit

L to R: Rob Kidd, Plumbing World - Oliver Tabak - Craig Foley, Master Plumbers

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