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Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying - Career Description

Plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying is a hands-on trade which requires the ability to problem solve and manage technical issues. This could be on both commercial construction sites or in residential homes.

It takes around five years to train towards a New Zealand Certificate in Plumbing, Drainlaying and Gasfitting.

Apprentices earn while you learn, training on the job at a plumbing firm, and on block courses at a training provider.

New technologies and processes mean plumbing is no longer all about getting your hands dirty. It is highly skilled, varied, profitable, rewarding… and future proof.

It is also in huge demand right now.

Career Description


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Here’s how a typical Masterlink plumbing apprenticeship works.

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“Plumbing’s an underrated trade… now I’m doing it, I’ve fallen in love with it. It is hard work but fun—everyone should do it! It’s really cool trying different things. There’s never a dull moment, I’m constantly learning… and I have an income. 

Esmey Parata, Foleys Dunedin

“There’s a lot of opportunity for bright young people who don’t mind hard work. I have a fantastic boss and a great bunch of guys to work with. Every day is different because there’s such a broad spectrum of work and interesting challenges.”

Kris Rangitaawa, Plumbing & Gas Works


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Five great reasons to choose Masterlink

  • 1. We interview, screen and test

    We process your application to make sure you've got the right stuff to succeed in our industry

  • 2. Place with a host for on-job training

  • 3. Pay from day one, manage PAYE and HR

  • 4. Provide starter Tool kit worth $2,000 plus an allowance for boots

  • 5. Provide health and safety resources, including an apprentice app

It all adds up to exceptional value.

Pay less when you train through Masterlink! The total Masterlink fees are: 

For those eligible for Fees Free:

  • Plumbing/Drainlaying & Gasfitting - $6,000* 
  • Plumbing/Drainlaying - $6,000* 
  • Drainlaying - $2,000 (payable in full at sign-up and refunded if you qualify within 2 years)

For those not eligible for Fees Free:

  • Plumbing/Drainlaying & Gasfitting - $10,000* 
  • Plumbing/Drainlaying - $8,000* 
  • Drainlaying - $4,000*

* This comprises a sign-up fee of $2,000, with the remainder paid through $40 weekly wage deductions for the duration of your apprenticeship. You may apply for our special interest-free loan package to help with your sign-up fee.

We pay you while you learn (even on block courses or other related training courses)

We pay your block course and ITO training fees ($11k+ for a plumbing/drainlaying apprenticeship)

We pay for your block course travel and accommodation if you live out of town

You get a starter tool & PPE kit worth $2,000 and an annual allowance for boots

You can apply for a special interest-free loan package when you sign up

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