Skills for Industry Programme

Looking for an apprentice that comes with a $10,000 subsidy?

Master Plumbers and Masterlink are delighted to announce details of funding and support from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for an industry-specific project that they are running – the Skills for Industry Programme.

Scott Robinson Crop

Pictured: Skills for Industry Candidate Scott Robinson with his Host Adam Brice of HighFlow Plumbing Limited

This funding and support is specifically available for Masterlink Apprentice candidates put forward by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). The aim of the programme is to help candidates in to apprenticeships and help address the skill shortage in the plumbing industry. Many candidates will attend LSV (Limited Service Volunteer) motivational training which includes outdoor recreational activities that promote teamwork, self-confidence and self-achievement. There is a strong emphasis on discipline and complying with service laws, customs and regulations.

The training takes place in a military setting and uses military facilities. It develops the responsibilities and disciplines to enable the candidate to engage at a high level.

Limited risks for Hosts

All candidates will have a three-month trial prior to committing to an apprenticeship. This will allow both the Host and candidate to trial each other to make sure that the fit is correct, and to give the candidate some experience of the industry.

Masterlink will employ the candidate and will only charge the Host the cost of the wages throughout the trial period.


During the trial period, candidates will be supplied with a basic tool and PPE kit. Should an apprenticeship be offered, candidates will receive a full Masterlink starter kit at the end of the trial. On completion of 6 months of the apprenticeship, Masterlink will supply the Apprentice with a drill kit.

Financial benefits

Hosts taking on an apprentice studying Plumbing/Drainlaying & Gasfitting will be eligible for up to $10,000.

Hosts taking on an apprentice studying Drainlaying will be eligible for up to $8,000.

Additional pastoral support

Masterlink HR and Regional Managers will be available to provide extra support to candidates who need it.

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