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With today's shortage of plumbers, taking on an apprentice is a smart move.

Masterlink has top-quality candidates pre-tested, screened, ready and waiting to start work.

If you have your own candidate lined up, sign them up to our programme and enjoy the benefits of being a Masterlink host with a Masterlink apprentice!

We will:

      • find the best match for you by meeting with you to gain an understanding of your business and apprentice needs

      • test, screen, recruit and manage your apprentice—taking the hassle out of your hands

      • maintain regular contact with you and your apprentice to ensure all expectations are being met—providing assistance as and when appropriate

      • act swiftly to assist you and your business should your staffing needs increase or decrease. Should you no longer require an apprentice we will work to find them further employment—all we ask from you is 15 working days' notice. 


“I like the fact that there is someone else supporting the apprentice
in the background someone you can fall back on if there are
any issues.” 

Richard Graves from Inside Systems, Invercargill

“Using Masterlink has gone really well for us.
They offer good support and communication.
It takes the stress off you because they do the
vetting and pre-employment testing.”

Aaron Jamieson from BOP Plumbing & Gas, Rotorua


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Five great reasons to choose Masterlink

  • 1. We employ the best

    Our robust recruitment process ensures quality apprentices for our host businesses

  • 2. You're free to run your business

    We sort all the apprentice ACC, HR, payroll and block course arrangements for you

  • 3. We support you and your apprentice

    Our Regional Managers hold regular appraisals to keep your apprentice on track with their studies and provide assistance as required. Help is just a phone call or an email away!

  • 5. We keep you up to date

    As a Masterlink host you will benefit from the latest information on Health & Safety, employer or apprenticeship funding and any other news affecting our industry.

  • 5. Your apprentice is ready to work

    We provide our apprentices with tools and PPE on start up, so they’re fully equipped to work

It all adds up to exceptional value.


You are only charged for the hours the apprentice actually works for you. On average, that's 42 weeks per year, and it’s fully tax deductible.

“We were recommended Masterlink by Nelson members of Master Plumbers. The biggest advantage for us is that everything is taken care of and we are invoiced weekly for the service no fuss. This includes organising of all block courses, wages etc. We appreciate the regular visits from the Masterlink Regional Manager, ensuring we are all on the right track.”

Bridget & Henny Russon from Henbridge Plumbing & Gas, Nelson

We pay the apprentice's wages while on block course, stat holidays, annual leave and sick leave—you are just charged for an average of 42 weeks per year, and it's fully tax deductible.

 We pay the apprentice’s ITO fees for the full apprenticeship.

We provide the apprentice with a start up toolkit and PPE, and give them an annual allowance for boots.

Health & Safety is our priority—and we pay for First Aid and Site Safe training for the apprentice.

We provide a full pre-employment medical exam and drug test, plus tetanus and Hep A&B inoculations.

We arrange the calculation and payment of wages, tax and ACC levies—and pay the PGD Board apprentice licence fee.

Masterlink Host Profile - Colleen Upton, Hutt Gas and Plumbing

Masterlink Host Profile - Mike Gooch, E G Glennie & Co

Masterlink Host Profile - Dave Norriss, JLP

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