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Managing Customer Expectations

Online Self-paced

It is a simple truth: customers continue to do business with organisations that deliver on what they promise and who have treated them fairly. You have far more potential to develop long lasting relationships and future business success by managing customer expectations in a consistent way.

In this session, apprentices examine ways that they can exceed customers’ expectations by setting, monitoring, and influencing their expectations. Apprentices start by determining their initial expectations and the reasons for each. Then they proactively set realistic expectations with the customer, leverage sure-fire ways to exceed them, and follow an ongoing and consistent process to manage customer expectations in the future.

Completion of this module will empower apprentices to:
• Determine the expectations of customers.
• Leverage the Pygmalion effect in your customer service and sales settings.
• Use the 9 sure-fire approaches to exceeding customer expectations.
• Hold crucial “setting expectations” conversations with your customers.
• Use the 7 principles for setting expectations.
• Follow a consistent and effective process to manage customer expectations.