Apprentice Enquiry


Emma from Taupo

• 31 years old
• Full Driver’s License
• Has a Bachelor of Primary Teaching and a Diploma in Education Studies, a Leadership in Safety Certificate, Co responder first aid qualification and a National Certificate in Outdoor Education (Leadership)
• Hobbies include; gym, kayaking and being a volunteer fire fighter
• Previous work experience includes facility manager, property manager, dairy farm worker and school caretaker
• Available for 5 days unpaid work experience for any potential employer who may be interested in taking on an apprentice

Emma is an articulate, practical, bright, physically fit woman in her prime who has the skill, means and determination to be a top apprentice given the opportunity. Emma is keen to get into an apprenticeship and start working towards her qualification. This has been a goal for her for a few years and we’d love to help make that a reality for her.